Nuclear Safety

The EBRD plays a leading role in efforts to improve nuclear safety.

We administer funds to make the Chernobyl site safe and secure and support the decommissioning of first-generation Soviet-designed nuclear power plants in eastern Europe. We also help address the environmental legacy of the Soviet-era nuclear-powered fleet in north-western Russia and carry out other nuclear safety work in our region.


6 nuclear safety funds managed on behalf of more than

40 donors


The New Safe Confinement structure at Chernobyl will cost

€1.5 billion


€700 million from EBRD shareholders for Chernobyl projects


€53 million NDEP grant to decommission the Lepse

  • Nuclear Safety
    Chernobyl NSC


    Construction of the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC) reached a major milestone when the two halves of the arch-shaped steel structure were lifted and joined together. When completed in late 2017 the NSC will cover the destroyed reactor.

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  • Nuclear Safety


    The service ship, Lepse, contains spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste and poses a significant environmental threat to north-western Russia and the surrounding area. We are playing a key role in efforts to dismantle the vessel and safely dispose of its cargo.

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