Tajikistan experiences chronic electricity shortages during the winter months as demand exceeds supply. These outages are exacerbated by climate change; hydropower plants depend on river basins fed by glacial meltwater and snowmelt, which are vulnerable to the effects of a warming climate.

A US$ 76 million (€62.8 million equivalent) financing package from the EBRD and donors will support the modernisation of the Qairokkum hydropower plant in Tajikistan and help the country cope with a changing and more variable climate.

The Qairokkum upgrade programme will increase the plant’s capacity with the installation of two new and larger turbines, boost its efficiency and reduce water and energy losses. It will also finance the installation of equipment that will raise safety levels and improve power distribution in Sugd, the country’s second-largest industrial region.

Our loan of US$ 50 million (€41.3 million equivalent) is complemented by US$ 26 million (€21.5 million equivalent) in donor funds, including US$ 21 million (€17.3 million equivalent) from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), under the Climate Investment Funds.

Owned and operated by Barki Tojik, the state power facility, Qairokkum is our largest investment in Tajikistan to date. As the only major generation facility in Northern Tajikistan, this substantial infrastructure investment will transform the lives of people in the region.