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As part of wider efforts to promote the sustainable use of resources, we are supporting an investment in energy efficiency and glass recycling by Turkey’s Şişecam Group, one of the world’s leading glassware manufacturers.

Our €30 million loan will support the expansion of a pilot glass-recycling scheme by financing an awareness-raising campaign and the acquisition of bottle banks, collection vehicles and glass bottle crushers. Şişecam will also invest in a range of energy efficiency measures at several plants, thereby setting a standard for environmental performance in Turkey’s manufacturing sector.

Also in 2014, we took a €125 million equity stake in Paşabahçe, a subsidiary of Şişecam that specialises in glass tableware. As a shareholder, we will support efforts to improve Paşabahçe’s corporate governance and help the firm to attract more women employees by boosting its equal opportunity policies.



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